How we help

Business Lolland-Falster helps you with your business and investment needs in the region. We have a broad reach and network to help you with business establishment and development.

In step with the region’s increasing commercial activities, Business Lolland-Falster helps with sparring on all levels of business and investments.


Business Lolland-Falster is your one point-of-entry to your business and investment needs.

Our services are free of charge to business owners and investors. We provide one-on-one and comprehensive sparring, so you get the necessary information for a fact-based decision on your plans for investment or establishment.


With Business Lolland-Falster, you get a sparring partner who knows the local area very well and can get you in contact with the right people.

We work closely with the municipalities of Lolland and Guldborgsund, and can facilitate meetings with relevant local authorities and organisations. This allows your to get the necessary insights for a fact-based decision about your plans for investment or establishment.

We offer sparring on legal and corporate structure matters, connect you with lawyers, accountants, private business consultants and banks to get your business up and running.


We have local knowledge on which facilities, properties and lands are available for sale and lease.

Our close relationships with city planners, property owners and real-estate agents keeps us updated with current availabilities.


Our broad local network and connections gives you access to potential partners, promising startups, strong business clusters, public authorities, education and research institutions or trade associations.

Business Lolland-Falster is an active collaborator in the regions of Zealand, Greater Copenhagen and Northern Germany.


  • One entry point to your business and investment needs
  • Provide sparring on legal, financial and corporate structure matters
  • Assist in registering your business with the relevant authorities
  • Introduce you to lawyers, accountants, banks and private consultants
  • Facilitate contact to potential partners, exciting startups, industry networks, public authorities, research institutions, trade associations and chambers of commerce
  • Recommend office facilities and arrange site visits and meetings with real estate agents and owners

If you are considering an investment or other business venture in Lolland-Falster or with businesses and projects in the region, reach out to learn how we can assist you reach your goals faster.

Maribo Bilcenter
Maribo Bilcenter had for a long period experienced revenue growth and therefore wanted to expand the physical framework of the business

STERN Hausboot
The German-owned houseboat manufacturer STERN Hausboot wanted to establish a production facility in Denmark to aim the Scandinavian

Peper & Söhne Hub48 Maribo

Peper & Söhne GmbH 
The German property developer Peper & Söhne GmbH wanted to enter the Danish market for industrial, warehouse and office construction and commercial leasing

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