The Port of Gedser will undergo extensive development that presents diversified opportunities for investment.

Port of Gedser

The town of Gedser has a special cultural environment, built around the ferry service that has dominated the area for decades, and still does. Scandlines ferries travel between Gedser and Rostock with several daily departures.

Southernmost point of Denmark and gateway to the Baltics

The southern coast of Falster and Gedser forms a unique landscape and cultural environment, an area where the southernmost point of Denmark is located. It has been the starting point for traffic to the Baltics since the 13th century, and Gedser arose as a town community around the port, railway and steamship to Germany.


It is 1.45 minutes from Copenhagen and connects to the E47/E55 motorway 25 minuts from the nearby city of Nykøbing Falster. 

It is also close to the popular summerhouse area of Marielyst.

Vision & Development Strategy

The starting point for the development of Gedser is its geographic location, history and culture. The vision is to create an environment that delivers diversified workplaces within hospitality, food, nature and leisure, arts and culture, sustainable business development, and greentech innovators.

The current development plan will qualify the right mix of potential investment activities that can create a new foundation for the port and town of Gedser.

Areas of opportunities

The following areas of investment are currently being investigated and qualified for further concretization:

  • Overnight capacity: hotel, house boats, summer homes, cabins
  • F&B: restaurants, bars, cafes
  • Culture: art installations, galleries, museum, events
  • Business hubs, production facilities, office environment, research & development center

This new development is at its early phase with ample, diversified opportunities for investment.

If you are looking to invest, establish or grow within the hospitality, restaurant, transport and logistics sector with direct access to the German and Baltic markets, then this is a place to consider.

Mads Stærk

Mads Stærk

Head of Business Development
+45 23 24 45 21



Area size:                         95.000 m2
Max. no. of plots:             56
Plot ratio:                        15%
Max. building height:       8.5m
Development ready:         Yes
Building permit:               10-12 weeks*

*In relation to current local planning. Alternative: 6-12 mos.

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