Højbygaard Papirfabrik offers well-designed premises

Højbygaard Papirfabrik

Højbygaard Papirfabrik offers well-designed premises, meeting the requirements of today’s modern building design; combined with a location in a unique historical setting with well-maintained outdoor areas and efficient logistics and parking conditions. The business area also has its own conference center and hotel.

Historical buildings
The Frederiksen brothers were the founders of this sugar factory built in 1872. In January 1877 the sugar factory went bankrupt and in 1880 the Danish Sugar Factory took over the premises. The last sugar campaign on the premises was in 1960. In 1961 the factory became Højbygaard Papirfabrik, which manufactured various types of paper. In 1993, Danisco decided to close the paper mill and after several different owners, the factory was sold to Skibsted Ejendomme in 2005.


Point of contact

Mads Stærk

Mads Stærk

Head of Business Development

+45 23 24 45 21



  • Fair pricing
  • 10,000 m2 of indoor facilities
  • Individual decor and design
  • Close to highways
  • Own conference center
  • Own hotel

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