Lolland Falster Airport is suitable for lighter aircrafts, jet aircrafts, helicopters, commercial aviation and more

Lolland Falster Airport (LFA)

Our region boasts the only international airport south of Rosklde. It has a central location and close proximity to the regions cities, transport and business centres, major roadways and railways, and most of all adjacent tot he upcoming Fehmarn Belt tunnel.

The airport is approved for domestic and international commercial flights. and is suitable for lighter aircrafts, jet aircrafts, helicopters, and so on. With a 1200 meter runway, the airport is ready for new investments, and open towards the establishment of services related to the aviation industry, such as flight mechanics or drone testing facilities.

The construction of the Fehmarn Belt fixed link will bring forth an increase in air traffic, starting with the need for both personnel and equipment to be flown to and from the region and construction site.

Lolland Falster Airport (LFA) is a short distance to Business Park Lolland and Højbygaard Papirfabrik, both located in Holeby.

Are you an aircraft mechanic, drone developer, flight broker or do you simply need your business to be located close to a flexible airport? Contact us so we can assist in making it happen.

Mads Stærk

Mads Stærk

Head of Business Development
+45 23 24 45 21

Facilities at Lolland Falster Airport

  • IMC Airport
  • Customs Airport
  • Point of Entry (POI)
  • GNSS Procedures
  • AFIS Service
  • Meteorological Services
  • Briefing port/Office
  • Pilots briefing room
  • On-site fueling of 100 liters ”AVGAS” and JET A1
  • The airport accommodates several hangars
  • Easy free parking
  • Meeting facilities with catering
  • Lounge area
  • Overnight accommodation of aircrafts
  • We assist with booking of hotel, taxi, car rental etc.

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