Lolland Falster Airport is suitable for lighter aircrafts, jet aircrafts, helicopters, commercial aviation and more

Lolland Falster Airport

Centrally located on Lolland, near Rødbyhavn, is the international airport Lolland Falster Airport (LFA). The airport is the only international airport south of Roskilde and is positioned close to the highway to Copenhagen as well as the upcoming Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link.

From Lolland Falster Airport, there are both domestic and international flights. The airport is suitable for lighter aircrafts, jet aircrafts, helicopters, commercial aviation and more. With a 1200 meter runway, the airport is ready for new investments, and open towards the establishment of services related to the aviation industry, such as flight mechanics or drone testing facilities.

The Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link
The construction of the Fehmarn Belt fixed link, will undoubtedly have great importance for the region, and it is expected that there will be an increase in air traffic when both personnel and equipment are to be flown to and from the region and construction site.

Lolland Falster Airport’s central location offers solutions that makes it easy for contractors, technicians, and other personnel to travel to the area close to the construction site, as well as the transport of spare parts.

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Mads Stærk

Mads Stærk

Head of Business Development
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Facilities at Lolland Falster Airport

  • IMC Airport
  • Customs Airport
  • Point of Entry (POI)
  • GNSS Procedures
  • AFIS Service
  • Meteorological Services
  • Briefing port/Office
  • Pilots briefing room
  • On-site fueling of 100 liters ”AVGAS” and JET A1
  • The airport accommodates several hangars
  • Easy free parking
  • Meeting facilities with catering
  • Lounge area
  • Overnight accommodation of aircrafts
  • We assist with booking of hotel, taxi, car rental etc.

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