Quinoa has been a locally-grown crop in Lolland-Falster since 2017

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The agricultural solidity and the quality of the land in Lolland-Falster is unparalleled in Denmark.

Combined with a strong follow-up industry and knowledge resources, the region is an extremely attractive place to be – and come to – for companies and investors with ambitions in agribusiness.

Northern Europe’s strongest cluster of seed breeding companies is assembled in Lolland, along with a number of other leading food companies. Locally, you can also find the international agrifood scale-up accelerator, Growth-Train, which offers a unique service design and local funding opportunities for ambitious agrifood startups and scale-ups.

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Steffen Lund

Steffen Lund

Head of Food and Agribusiness

+45 53 10 04 64


  • The Food and Agribusiness Sector in Lolland-Falster has a unique stronghold in global activities and potential.
  • The area is well known for the fertile farmland and key competencies within arable production with adjoining food processing and suppliers.
  • The sector presents a number of investment opportunities – farmland, sugar, seed and food processing companies, agritech companies, biogas-energy refineries, etc. amounting to more than DKK 1 billion (USD 149 million / EUR 134 million).

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