Living In Lolland-Falster

Living In Lolland-Falster

Beautiful scenery and sea views
Lolland-Falster has beautiful nature, fresh air, and plenty of space and light. Lolland-Falster is surrounded by fantastic beaches including Denmark’s best beach in 2011 and 2012 in the area Marielyst. Wherever you are in Lolland-Falster, the water is always reachable within 10 kilometers.

Rural idyll and freedom
In Lolland-Falster you have the opportunity to create a life for you and your family with freedom, privacy and tranquility. Here you will meet active and committed people who are passionate about creating a good environment for local life. You can help make a difference yourself, and be part of a life-affirming community.

Find your dream home in Lolland-Falster. We have many talented local real estate agents who can help you find exactly the house of your dreams, whether it is on the countryside or in one of our lovely shopping towns.

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Mads Stærk

Mads Stærk

Head of Business Development
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Facts about Lolland-Falster

  • 108,500 inhabitants & 54,000 households.
  • High level of public services
  • 600 km coastline and some of the best beaches in Northern Europe.
  • Relaxed local atmosphere
  • Rich in history and culture


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