Lolland Falster has a strategic position in Northern Europe, with close proximity to the major cities of Copenhagen, Berlin and Hamburg.

Why Lolland-Falster

5 Smart Reasons to Invest in Lolland-Falster


Lolland-Falster is strategically placed right at the corridor of Scandinavia and the rest of Europe, centered at the major commercial hubs of Copenhagen, Berlin and Hamburg.

By virtue of its placement, Lolland-Falster is not far from knowledge institutions within Greater Copenhagen, Region Zealand and Schleswig-Holstein, for companies that require research capacity and startup incubation and collaboration.

Additionally, Lolland-Falster, as for the most of Denmark, is considered a low-risk area:

  • no high-risk companies
  • no mining, gravel quarries or plantations
  • no tremors, vibrations or exposure to natural disasters
  • no critical atmospheric or meteorological occurrences, in fact Lolland-Falster has the most number of sunny days of all the Danish regions


Lolland-Falster is a region determined to positively impact the environment. Already, the region produces more than five times the energy it consumes, making it a region that produces that large fraction of sustainable energy locally and to the rest of Denmark.

Another important factor in environmental sustainability is waste management, which is heavily managed by the municipalities. This ensures precision and security in ensuring that anything and everything that can be reused and recycled are done so.

Lolland-Falster is also making headlines for its active involvement in minimizing fossil fuels for its power needs.
In 2022, plans were announced to establish a Power-to-X production at the Port of Nakskov, as well as establishment of biogas pipelines that will run through the region, providing fuel based on organic matter.


Massive investments have been placed in upgrading the infrastructure in and around Lolland-Falster, with the advent of the Fehmarn Belt tunnel.

Railway systems are modernized to accommodate high-speed trains that will travel from the northernmost part of Scandinavia to the rest of Europe.

People will experience uninterrupted travel via the 18+ kilometre immersed Fehmarn Belt tunnel, which is set to be operational in 2029.

The municipalities of Lolland and Guldborgsund are also undertaking massive improvements to its port and harbour systems to meet increasing commercial activities.

Lolland-Falster is also home to three logistics hubs, accommodating warehousing and production needs that require ease of access to major roads.

  • Business Park Falster – Exit 43 along the E47/E55 motorway
  • Maribo Business Park – Exit 48 along the E47
  • Business Park Lolland (Holeby) – Exit 49 along the E47 motorway. This is also the exit closest to Rødby (Fehmarn)

The infrastructure is also unique in a sense that motorways and highways, ports and harbours and airports are well within reach in such a short distance around Lolland-Falster.


Businesses in Lolland-Falster can easily engage in a variety of groups that serve as a platform to promote your products and services, as well as support and broadly impact local communities.

Doing so help business not only grow their business but also foster a positive workplace and build strong relationship with local communities.

It is a competitive advantage.

This may explain why employees in Lolland-Falster are among the most loyal, where average tenure is among the longest compared to the rest of Denmark. This testifies to job security in the workplace, leading to less turnover and absence due to illness.


Lolland-Falster is home to highly skilled and most loyal workforce who are happy and have actively chosen a life in the region. This means that businesses can look forward to a reliable and consistent workforce that accumulate know-how that will positively impact the growth of your business.

The two municipalities in the region are active in supporting the workforce, providing additional on-demand, tailor-made training and courses.

If you are considering an investment or other business venture in Lolland-Falster or with businesses and projects in the region, call us today to hear how we can assist your goal faster.



Lolland falster is part of the region Greater Copenhagen, where:

  • 4 million people live in the Greater Copenhagen region
  • Maintains status as ”Europe’s easiest place for doing business” – Forbes, 2021
  • Among the top ten ”Best Airport in Northern Europe” – Skytrax World Airport Awards 2022
  • More than 11BN€ invested in grand projects in Lolland-Falster within the next 8-10 years
  • More than 2.000.000 sqm of commercial business lots available
  • Competitive company tax (22%) which is below the average OECD and European level.
  • Europe’s most flexible labour market
  • 17 universities, colleges and business schools.
  • 34.000 scientists and phd.-students


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