Denmark’s green growth center

Lolland-Falster stands out among Danish regions with its exceptional sustainability profile, boasting a blend of renewable energy sources

Denmark’s green growth center

Lolland-Falster benefits from its natural resources, particularly its favorable wind conditions. The region’s geographical location, with its proximity to the Baltic Sea and open landscapes, makes it an ideal site to harness wind energy.

The region is home to the world’s first and one of the largest (2007) offshore wind farms, which has played a crucial role in the country’s renewable energy transition. This was followed by onshore wind turbines being establish in much of the region’s flat geological landscape.


Lolland-Falster embraces innovative approaches and technologies to the development of renewable energy sources. In addition to wind power, the region invests in solar energy projects, including solar farms and rooftop installations, to further diversify its energy mix.

More recently, bioenergy solutions are being implemented to make use of waste products from agricultural production, as well as various means to store carbon to turn into power sources.

Power-to-X plants are planned to be established to help balance the intermittent nature of renewable energy sources (like solar and wind) by converting excess energy into forms that can be stored and utilized when needed.


Lolland-Falster’s success in sustainable energy can be attributed to its collaborative approach and strong partnerships. Local authorities, energy companies, and the community work together to drive the transition towards cleaner energy sources.

The region’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in its comprehensive development plans, which prioritize renewables, efficiency, and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


Sustainability projects have created job opportunities, attracting skilled workers to the region. These initiatives drive innovation and attract investment, positioning Lolland-Falster as a hub for green technologies.


  • Over 6bn DKK in new green investments in the region
  • Hub for Power-to-X in Nakskov
  • Biogas pipeline established in 2023
  • World’s first offshore wind turbine established in 2007
  • Renewables production 9x over local consumption