Investment Opportunities
in Lolland-Falster

Your investment goes a long way in Lolland-Falster. Attractive commercial sites and premises are available with easy access to major roadways and maritime ports.

All types of investors will find favourable investment opportunities compared locations in neighboring regions and countries. Lolland-Falster offers both greenfield potential and completed projects for sale or co-ownership.

Fehmarn Belt Tunnel – work on/at construction site

A major tender comprising mechanical and electrical systems and equipment for an 18 km immersed tunnel under The Fehmarn Belt between Denmark and Germany.

Rødbyhavn E47 18 Km. Tunnel 4000 jobs Germany

Business Park Falster (Exit 43, Nørre Alslev)

Business Park Falster, located at Exit 43 in Nørre Alslev, is visible from the E47/E55 motorway. Transport Center Cargo South is also in this vicinity.

1,200,000 sqm. E47 Exit 43 Nørre Alslev Falster

Business Park Maribo (Exit 48, Maribo)

Climate-friendly solutions, green energy, high security, flexible and scalable business premises. Only 20 km from the Fehmarn Belt tunnel construction site.

Greentech 250,000 sqm. E47 Exit 48 Maribo Lolland

Business Park Lolland (Exit 49, Holeby)

Business Park Lolland has a unique and prime location close to major roadways, airport, maritime port and the Fehmarn tunnel. Business Park offers offices, production, storage and warehousing facilities.

Holeby Office Storage Production Virtual Office

Port of Bandholm

Port of Bandholm is a full modern port with most common machinery available, including mobile crane, four wheel loader, bobcat etc.

Bandholm Harbour Flexible

Port of Nakskov

Port of Nakskov is located in the international sailing route in Langeland Belt, giving the harbor a logistic advantage. It has capacity for agribusiness and industrial production, as well as other maritime needs.

Nakskov Harbour International

Skibsbyggerhallen Nakskov

Rental / leasing property with manufacturing, production and storage facilities, with integrated cranes, right at the heart of the Port of Nakskov.

Nakskov Production Manufacturing

Lolland Falster Airport

Lolland Falster Airport (LFA) is suitable for lighter aircrafts, jet aircrafts, helicopters, commercial aviation and more. It is approved for commercial and recreational aviation.

IMC Airport Customs Airport POI On-site fueling AFIS Service

Saxkjøbing Sukkerfabrik

Saxkjøbing Sukkerfabrik offers well-designed premises that can match the requirements of building design today, combined with a location in a unique historical setting. 

Sakskøbing Office Storage Production

Højbygaard Papirfabrik

Højbygaard Papirfabrik offers well-designed premises, meeting the requirements of today’s building design, combined with a location in a unique historical setting.

Holeby Office Storage Production Conference Hotel

Rudbjerg Have Summer Home Area – ready for development

The holiday home area of Rudbjerg Have is a beautiful and tranquil neighborhood with fantastic nature and beach perfect for relaxation and activities on the water. This site is ready for development.

Summer house Tourism Land development Property Holiday homes

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