Havnegade, Orehoved (Nørre Alslev)

Established production and warehouse facilities for sale or lease in Orehoved, close to Business Park Falster, major roadways, rail and harbor

Havnegade, Orehoved (Nørre Alslev)

Located in Orehoved, the facility currently serves as production facilities for Ardo A/S and is now available to sale or lease.

The property, spanning 15,903 square meters, has historically been used for food production and repackaging, which is why a large freezer facility of approximately 3,843 square meters is installed in one of the halls, and another hall has approximately 1,650 square meters.

The property consists of 10 buildings according to the Building and Housing Register (BBR). The majority of the buildings are interconnected, while a series of buildings for storage and workshops are located on the opposite side of the road.

All production equipment, except for the freezer facility and shelves in the warehouses, will be removed before the property is sold, allowing the existing production halls to be transformed into storage units with potential for production. It is expected that new approvals for food production can be obtained.

The property will be transferred without refrigeration in the warehouses. The warehouses vary in condition, with a few lacking heating. The rest of the warehouses are heated using radiators.

There are good loading options from multiple sides of the property, but primarily, two loading ramps on the southwestern side are used.

The administration is located in building 1 and consists of individual offices. A cafeteria is also located in the administration area.

Four water wells have been established on the property, which are expected to be shut down or sold prior to the sale. If a new owner wishes to use them, a new permit for their use must be obtained from the municipality.

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Havnegade 5, 4840 Nørre Alslev
Rasmus Sigvardsvej 3, 4840 Nørre Alslev

Municipality: Guldborgsund

Lot size: 58.258 m²
Buildings: 15.903 m²

Building 1: 5.040 m² | Industrial
Building 2: 4.235 m² | Warehouse
Building 3: 315 m² | Production
Building 4: 325 m² | Warehouse
Building 5: 340 m² | Outhouse
Building 6: 262 m² | Production
Building 7: 986 m² | Production
Building 8: 536 m² | Production
Building 9: 3.855 m² | Industrial
Building 10: 9 m² | Production


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