Business Park Falster

Business Park Falster is located at Exit 43 in Nørre Alslev on Falster and is visible from the E47/E55 motorway

Business Park Falster

Business Park Falster is situated in a picturesque landscape in northern Falster, where commercial plots are prepared for new projects. 


The business park is suitable for logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, industrial services, as well as office premises. It is one hour from Copenhagen, and upon completion of the Femern tunnel, it will be 2 hours to Hamburg and 1.5 hours to Lübeck.

In a northern European perspective, Business Park Falster lies at the centre of Oslo, Stockhol, Malmö, Copenhagen, Hamburg and Berlin; it is a strategic location at the junction of the East and West European traffic corridors of E47 (Hamburg) and E55 (Berlin) – Copenhagen and Scandinavia.

AN ACTIVE TRANSPORT HUB Business Park Falster is at the junction between continental Europe and Scandinavia, making it ideal for logistics and warehousing, as it sits right next to the E47/E55 motorway.

Existing roads in the business park support all cargo trucks including the extended modular units, and new roads will be established in 2023.


The neighboring transport center is a 125.000 m2 modern logistics center with a 24/7 truck stop, a restaurant, overnight capacity, truck service station, customs services, and other related services. This existing service organ extends the capabilities of Business Park Falster, as it aims towards the similar and complementary industries.

Call us to hear which plots and buildings are available at Business Park Falster. We can also assist in determining the solutions that fit your needs.


  • Plot price from 13 EUR m2 excl. VAT
  • Utilities connection cost: 5.231 EUR m2 per 800 m2 excl. VAT
  • Land tax: 3.234 %
  • Building tax: 0.00 EUR
  • Land available: approx. 345.000 m2
  • Min. plot size: 5.000 m2
  • Address: Baltivej, 4840 Nørre Alslev
  • Municipality: Guldborgsund

Copenhagen Airport 113 km
Lolland-Falster Airport 46 km
Business Park Maribo 34 km
Rødbyhavn 52 km
Nykøbing Falster 18 km
Femern tunnel 52 km
Tax/Customs 2 km
Port of Vordingborg 20 km 

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Call us to hear which plots and buildings are available at Business Park Falster, or we can assist in determining the solutions that fit your needs.

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