The establishment of the Fehmarn Belt Tunnel provides work for 3,000+ people for 8.5 years

Knuthenborg Safaripark is one of Lolland-Falster's largest tourist attraction, with over 325,000 visitors annually

In 2015, the offshore wind turbines in Rødsand 2, delivered 860 GWh. This corresponds to more than 200,000 households' annual electricity consumption

The Public Food Meeting is held annually in Lolland-Falster and is a dialogue on food culture and food systems across industries and value chains

Lolland-Falster is Scandinavia’s gateway to continental Europe

Key Sectors

In Lolland-Falster you find several well-established industries. Most of these commercial and industrial key-sectors has deep roots in the area, providing generations of specialization and knowledge from which new businesses can benefit.

The Food and Agribusiness Sector has a unique stronghold in global activities and potential. The area is well-known for the fertile farmland and key competencies within arable production, as well as food processing and suppliers. Additionally, northern Europe’s strongest cluster of seed breeding companies are located in Lolland Falster.

Construction is one of the large sectors in Lolland-Falster. With an investment of more than 80 billion DKK in the Fehmarn Belt tunnel, the significance and impact of this sector is understated.

A significant part of private employment is within Industrial Production and the specialization of the workforce goes back for generations. Today, many of the businesses in Lolland-Falster are embracing the principles of the so-called Industry 4.0. There is a general interest in digitalization, and many are converting to a more automated production, including robots.

With large construction and industrial production sectors, there is a natural interest in Cleantech and green solutions. The world’s first offshore wind farm was built in the area, and in 2017 Lolland was the place in Denmark where most wind turbines were installed. In fact, Lolland-Falster produces 5-8 times more green energy than the local consumption.

Tourism and Hospitality is another strong sector in Lolland-Falster, In terms of number of overnight stays, Lolland-Falster is the largest tourist destination in eastern Denmark outside the capital region.

These numbers are not surprising, considering the 600 kilometers of beautiful coastline, countless tourist attractions, and accommodations available, including one of Denmark’s best hotels.

In this section you can find relevant experts in all key-sectors ready to help you grow your business in Lolland-Falster.

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Tourism & Hospitality

In terms of number of overnight stays, Lolland-Falster is the largest tourist destination in Eastern Denmark outside the Capital Region.


Lolland-Falster produces eight times more green energy than the total local consumption.


The agricultural solidity and the quality of the land in Lolland-Falster is unparalleled in Denmark.

Transport & Logistics

The Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link will make Lolland-Falster Scandinavia’s gateway to Europe.


These current large-scale construction projects attract companies to Lolland-Falster: The Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link, The new (…)

Industrial Production

Lolland-Falster has large industrial production, especially within metal and plastic processing.

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