Højskolevej, Søllested

Unique opportunity to develop one of Lolland's culture-historic educational institutions

Højskolevej, Søllested

The buildings of Lolland Højskole were erected at Højskolevej 79 in 1905. Over the years, the place developed into a fantastic meeting point for both young and old.

After a tragic fire in 1954, the buildings were rebuilt, and the construction was completed in 1955, after which the high school flourished until its closure in 1996 after 90 years of operation. Since then, the buildings have served various educational purposess.

The complex consists of 6 individual buildings that are connected around a common courtyard and a spacious parking lot. There is also potential for establishing a self-sufficient kitchen garden and 6 separate kitchens.These culture-historic buildings stand robust and well-maintained and offer a multitude of uses.

Furthermore, there is space and opportunity for the installation of a private solar panel system, which would significantly optimize the property’s energy consumption.The property represents a unique opportunity to establish a modern educational center.

It offers the perfect learning environment for a range of educational purposes and provides space for both large lecture halls and smaller classrooms, enabling a flexible approach to teaching and learning.

Investment property: Højskolevej 79, Søllested

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Ground lot with buildings and park: 15.248 m2
Associated farmland: 11.834 m2
Buildings: Total building area constitutes 2,666 m², of which the total commercial area constitutes 2,531 m². The difference consists of, among other things, sheds/outbuildings

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