Kroggårdsvej, Sakskøbing

Commercial plots available in the established industrial area of Kroggårdsvej in Sakskøbing

Kroggårdsvej, Sakskøbing

Kroggårdsvej in Sakskøbing is a well-established industrial area within the municipality of Guldborgsund. It is centrally placed between two adjacent motorway exits in Sakskøbing and Våbensted in Maribo. 

Kroggårdsvej is right at the heart of Lolland-Falster, which is transitioning to become Denmark’s strategic transport junction, with a reach of 15 million inhabitants within a 3-hour radius upon the completion of the Femern tunnel in 2029. 

Since the start of the Femern tunnel construction, businesses have moved to Lolland-Falster to be a part of the enormous infrastructure project. 

Now is your opportunity to secure a plot for your business in the area. 

Kroggårdsvej in Sakskøbing holds enormous potential for companies engaged in light industry, transport, warehousing, and workshop services. 

Sakskøbing is an area which is the food and agrihub of Lolland-Falster, with producers and distributors gathered at the nearby Sakskøbing Sugar Factory. 

The location gives you access to Denmark’s best renewable energy mix, with wind and solar as primary energy sources. 

Lolland-Falster produces energy that is 9 times bigger than the local consumption. 

This is strategically-positioned commercial lot that is right at the Danish-German border. Kroggårdsvej has the potential to be the site for your business with reach to Scandinavia and continental Europe.


  • Plot price: from 12 EUR per m2 excl. VAT
  • Utility connection fee: 4.780 EUR per 800 m2 excl. VAT
  • Land tax: 3.234%
  • Building tax: 0.000%
  • Land available for development: 114.000 m2
  • Min. size plot: 5.000 m2
  • Max. building height: 8,5 m

Available plots can be divided into smaller units or joined to suit your need.

Port of Rødby 28,6 km
Port of Nakskov 38 km
LF Airport 25 km
Business Park 43 25 km
Business Park 48 13 km
Nykøbing Falster 18 km 

Copenhagen 1h20m
Malmø 1h40m
Hamburg 1h45m
Berlin 3h 

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