Investment Opportunity in Retail – MARIBO

Lolland's main hub for arts, culture, music and international fairs

Investment Opportunity in Retail – MARIBO

Retail accounts for 17% of total employment in Lolland-Falster, with a turnover of 5.2 bDKK, of which 1.2 bDKK is derived from tourism.

With sharp rise in online shopping, commercial activities in the provinces will be 60% in retail and 40% in experiences. Specifically, small cities and towns with more specialized stores and boutiques will more to offer and attract more customers.


There are several drivers that steer the sucess of shop owners in the provinces. A strong leadership in trade associations, coupled with tight cooperations with the municipality and other business organizations working on a joint strategy will boost customer and community support and engagement.

Constant innovation and the ability to spot and adapt to trends will strengthen commercial actors in the retail space. And since the advent of COVID-19, many local shops have established or increased their digital presence and activity to help promote their business and, as well as connect and engage with customers.


Maribo is the most centrally-located city in all of Lolland-Falster, where each end of the region can be reached within an hour. It is also located close to motorway exit 48, where new investments and developments are currently underway.

This makes Maribo highly accessible for both locals and tourists.

Specialized shops, chains, restaurants, including one of Denmark’s award-winning bakeries, find their home in the city center. The old town hall square is the city’s meeting point and is the scene of several events, such as weekly markets, music and international food fairs.

Maribo shopping


Maribo is Lolland’s cultural center and has one of Denmark’s oldest cathedrals, situated right by Maribo lake and nature sanctuary.

The public international school is located in Lolland, and the city is the preferred place for most expats to settle due to its central placement in the region and proximity to both the motorway and the Femern construction site.

Maribo domkirke

Maribo’s unique placement makes it ideal for the food and beverage industry where well over 15 restaurants and cafés already call home, as well as specialized shops that have a variety of offering within arts and crafts, creative spaces and culture.

The city also appeals to families and the elder generation, and the accessibility of the city center reflects this. Therefore, retail spaces that target this audience will find a good consumer base in Maribo.



  • Lolland’s main hub for arts and culture
  • Lolland-Falster’s most centrally-located city
  • A fast-growing consumer base
  • Has one of Denmark’s oldest cathedrals
  • Home to Denmark’s first public international school

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