Investment Opportunity in Retail – MARIBO

Lolland's main hub for arts, culture, music and international fairs

Investment Opportunity in Retail – MARIBO

Maribo, nestled in the heart of Lolland-Falster, serves as a pivotal cathedral and market town. Its prime location enables swift access across the region within an hour, bolstered by its proximity to the E47 motorway at exit 48, a site earmarked for substantial developments at the Nordic Business Hub.

The eagerly anticipated Femern tunnel, set for a 2029 opening, will significantly shorten the distance to Northern Germany, potentially attracting an additional 500,000 German tourists to Region Zealand annually, with many expected to explore Lolland-Falster, just a 10-minute journey from Germany in the near future.

Accessibility is a hallmark of Maribo, welcoming both residents and visitors via car, train, or bus, complemented by ample electric car charging facilities.

The town’s vibrant retail environment boasts an array of specialty stores, restaurant chains, and one of Denmark’s celebrated bakeries, centered around the historic town hall square—a focal point for numerous events, including weekly markets and food festivals.

Beyond the Nordic Business Hub, Maribo’s northern area is home to a thriving industrial zone featuring manufacturers, car dealerships, and building supply stores.

As Lolland’s cultural beacon, Maribo is graced by the grandeur of its ancient monastery church, Maribo Cathedral, set against the picturesque backdrop of Lake Maribo and its nature reserve.

The town is a stone’s throw away from some of Denmark’s top attractions: Knuthenborg Safaripark and Lalandia, drawing 290,000 and over 550,000 visitors annually, respectively.

Hosting Denmark’s first public international school, Maribo is increasingly attractive for new residents, drawn by its central location and the proximity to the Femern construction site.

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  • Lolland’s main hub for arts and culture
  • Lolland-Falster’s most centrally-located city
  • A fast-growing consumer base
  • Has one of Denmark’s oldest cathedrals
  • Home to Denmark’s first public international school

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