Port of Nakskov

The port is located in the international sailing route in Langeland Belt, giving the port a logistical advantage

Port of Nakskov

The Port of Nakskov is municipality-owned and is operated as a traffic and commercial port. The port authority has reinvested in the port’s installations, quays and facilities to honour the demands of a modern traffic and commercial port. The most recent project has been to deepen the navigable channels.

The Port of Nakskov is located in the international sailing route in Langeland Belt, giving the port a logistic advantage with access t. The recent upgrade of the navigable channels has largely improved the sailing conditions in the area.

In connection with the port, there is a large commercial area for establishments of production and warehousing in industries such as agribusiness and metallurgy.

In 2022, it was announced that European Energy will build a 100.000 m2 Power-to-X facility that will minimize the dependency on fossil fuels and boost the utilisation of green energy.

If you are commercially active in heavy industries planning a new business in green energy or operating in the value chain of cleantech, the Port of Nakskov offers everything you need to establish or scale your business operations.

The Port of Nakskov is currently under further development.

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  • Crane load: 100 tons
  • Tugs Avaliable
  • Water depth: 6.3 – 8.5 m
  • Quays: 13
  • Docks: 2.000 m
  • Address: Stensøvej 1, Nakskov
  • Municipality: Lolland

Tårs ferry 12 km
Business Park Maribo 26 km
Rødbyhavn 14 km
Nykøbing Falster 54 km
Odense 96 km
Køge 132 km
Femern tunnel 16 km 

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