Nakskov Sydkaj Hotel

Discover the beauty of Denmark's maritime history at Nakskov Harbor - where adventure meets tranquility

Nakskov Sydkaj Hotel

Investors have a fantastic opportunity to develop a new hotel in the heart of Nakskov harbor, alongside exclusive apartments being built on the east end.

Strategic Waterfront Location
The site is strategically located on the southside of Nakskov harbor, featuring a waterfront promenade and an upcoming pedestrian bridge, just steps from shopping and dining.

Why Choose Nakskov?
Nakskov is surrounded by pristine beaches, nature reserves, woodlands, and marshlands. The area offers breathtaking views of the Danish south seas, protected by a kilometers-long dyke.

Investor and Partner Benefits
Investors can tap into the growing tourism market in west Lolland, driven by the Fehmarn tunnel construction. Partners will have the opportunity to influence the hotel’s design and build. The business plan forecasts strong revenue growth and high profitability due to high demand for overnight accommodations. This is an ideal opportunity to establish various hotel concepts and provide unique experiences for future guests.

Support from Business Lolland-Falster
Business Lolland-Falster is dedicated to facilitating contact with relevant parties and authorities to support your investment.

Key Highlights

  • Prime waterfront location in Nakskov harbor
  • Proximity to shopping, dining, and a new pedestrian bridge
  • Untapped potential in a booming tourism area
  • Opportunity to influence hotel design and construction
  • Strong revenue growth and high profitability forecast

Seize this unique opportunity to develop a premier hotel in Nakskov harbor, leveraging the area’s natural beauty and strategic location.

Are you an operator and looking for an opportunity in an untapped area? Call us today to facilitate with potential partners in the project.



Knuthenborg Safaripark – 30 km
Hestehoved Beach – 3.5 km
Shopping – 500 m
Dining – 500 m
Reventlow Museum – 14 km
Dodecalith Sculptures – 20 km
Rødbyhavn & Femern tunnel – 30 km

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