Investment Opportunity in Retail – NAKSKOV

Nakskov is Lolland's largest city and main commercial hub

Investment Opportunity in Retail – NAKSKOV

Nakskov boasts an impressive history as a market town and bustling maritime center. With numerous industrial jobs, Nakskov stands out not only as Lolland’s largest city but as Lolland’s primary commercial hub, serving a consumer base of over 40,000 people.

The pulse of the city beats with 77 unique shops, ranging from luxurious clothing, trendy textiles, and exclusive footwear to fascinating books, jewelry, and home decor. The streets of Nakskov also exude local pride with specialty shops offering locally produced goods and first-class quality products, as well as vintage, antique, and second-hand stores.

But Nakskov is more than just trade and shopping. The city sets the scene for gastronomic experiences with restaurants, cafes, and taverns that invite to an unforgettable experience. Tourism revenues keep flowing in, and more visitors come to be captivated by Nakskov’s unique charm and history.

This proud market town is undergoing a groundbreaking transformation towards sustainability. The harbor area frames an unparalleled green business adventure, where solar and wind energy act as the driving forces in the city’s conversion process.

Nakskov’s revitalization is accelerated by the visionary Nakskov 2030 project, with crucial contributions from Lolland Municipality, Realdania, and the A.P. Møller Foundation


Nakskov is subject over 650 mDKK in investments to renew old buildings, establish cultural spaces and new hotels to enhance its appeal towards locals and tourists.

The goal is to create spaces that let the public enjoy both indoors and outdoors and breathe more life and activities into the city center.

The project “Nakskov 2030” is one such initiative that works to revive three areas: the city center, the harbor and Nakskov fjord, giving both businesses and consumers these spaces for growth and play.



Nakskov has the consumer base and buying power for a varied retail offering.

Currently, there is space for small businesses along the shopping street, as well as larger spaces for chains.

There is also opportunity to develop areas that will centralize and strengthen the city center and bring more offering to consumers. This goes for both retail, restaurants and experience economy.

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  • Lolland’s main commercial hub
  • 40.000 consumer base
  • One of Denmark’s oldest shopping streets
  • Denmark’s renewable energy hub
  • Denmark’s biggest plant-based protein producer is in Nakskov
  • Large industry that employs 1.200 workers
  • New industrial investments worth over 3.5 bDKK
  • New tourism investments worth over 650 mDKK

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