Kongsnæs, Stubbekøbing

Continued development of an attractive waterfront summerhouse area in Stubbekøbing the northern coast of Falster

Kongsnæs, Stubbekøbing

Lolland-Falster has experienced a positive development in commercial activity, tourism and demographic growth in recent years. Nothing is more evident than the interest in tourism, with increasing overnight demands, as tourist destination and attractions gain popularity.

The coastal areas in Lolland-Falster represent a significant potential for further investment and interest. The northern coast of Falster, which overlooks the island of Møn, is fast becoming a popular destination for summerhouse guests.

Right in this area is the city of Stubbekøbing, where Kongsnæs is located, where the landscape is green and lush, with soft hilly stretches that overlooks Grønsund Bay and the Farø bridge.
Kongsnæs is overgrown with a reed forest, alongside grass meadows that runs with wild vegetation and natural wetland areas.

Kongsnæs has an existing holiday complex that was completed in 2007, with stand-alone homes with pitched roofs that are placed as rows, following the couped terrain, and a lake right at the center of the development.

Phases two and three the project has been expanded from its original zoning plans to now encompass a larger wetland or lake area. Landscape therefore will take a bigger focus, and new sustainable homes can be developed more privacy, idyll and experience direct access to nature and water.

Investors and partners needed for development of phases 2 and 3 of Kongsnæs.

We aim to attract investors with vision and creativity wihtin hospitality and tourism.


Valid for phases 2 and 3:

  • Area size: 93.000 m2
  • Max. no. of plots: 70
  • Plot ratio: 15 %
  • Max. building height for homes: 7.5 m
  • Max. building height for communal buildings: 8.5 m
  • Development ready: Yes
  • Building permit: 7-12 weeks*
  • Address: Kongsnæsvej, Stubbekøbing
  • Municipality: Guldborgsund

* In relation to current zone planning. Alternative: 6-12 mos.

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