Investment Case – Peper & Söhne



The German property developer Peper & Söhne GmbH wanted to enter the Danish market for industrial, warehouse, office construction and commercial leasing.


Through commercial broker and advisor, Robert C. Spies, STERN Hausboot came in contact with Business Lolland-Falster, who handles the sale of commercial land on behalf of Lolland municipality.

The close cooperation and due diligence between parties led to the drafting of a purchase agreement.


In December 2022, Peper & Söhne signed a purchase agreement which made them owners of 48,000 m2 of commercial land in Business Park Maribo.

The company is currently in the process of projecteering the construction of the buildings with plans for expansion in the area and the rest of Denmark.

They have dubbed this Hub48 Maribo.

Peper & Söhne Hub48 Maribo
Peper & Söhne Hub48 Maribo
Peper & Söhne Hub48 Maribo

Why we help

The Femern tunnel changes the entire region and pave the way for cross-border activities in the Danish-German Femern region. This infrastructural mega project calls for internalization and attraction of foreign capital and visionary international investors. At business Lolland-Falster, we aim to support international players and welcome new investment with goodwill, local insight and expertise.  

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