Skibsbyggerhallen Nakskov has production and storage capacities at the heart of the Port of Nakskov


Skibsbyggerhallen is a sprawling rental property that boasts production and storage facilities centrally located at the Port of Nakskov, with integrated cranes and direct access to the waterway.

Nakskov is homestead to a variety of manufacturing companies. Nearby you find a number of steal works specialist, the Danish sugar refinery Nordic Sugar and the danish windmill producer Vestas.

There are a number of projects underway in the immediate vicinity of Skibsbyggerhallen, including a PLA bio refinery, a hydrogen Power-to-X plant, a methanol e-fuel Power-to-X plant and a biogas plant, where a direct access to pipelines can be established from 2025.

The local workforce in the area is primarily blue collar, but the number of white collar workers, primarily engineers, are on the rise.

This is a seldom opportunity for both production and storage facilities right at the heart of the Port of Nakskov, a fast-growing commercial and industry site, close to major roads and shipping lanes.

A fast-growing commercial and industry site with both production and storage facilities, close to major roads and shipping lanes.

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  • Building 1: 8.000 m2 production area
  • Building 2: 12.000 m2 storage space
  • Electric capacity: 5.000+ AMPS
  • Machinery: Heavy cranes installed
  • Energy Access to gas grid in 2025
  • Address: Skibsværftsvej 46, Nakskov
  • Municipality: Lolland

Tårs ferry 11 km
Business Park
Maribo 26 km
Rødbyhavn 31 km
Odense 96 km
Femern tunnel 33 km

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