Lidsø, Kramnitze

A breathtaking tourism development project in the southern coast of Lolland that aims to develop overnight facilities in an ecologically-rich area

Lidsø, Kramnitze

In recent years, Lolland-Falster has experienced a positive development in commercial activity, tourism and demographic growth that has been accelerated by the construction of the Femern tunnel. The coastal areas in Lolland-Falster represent a significant potential for investment. 

The southern coast of Lolland is an ecologically rich area that is already known to both domestic and international tourists due to Lalandia Resort. However, the ever-increasing demand for overnight accomomodation has brought forth further development plans of the area. 

As part of Lolland municipality’s development initiative, Lidsø Coast aims to attract investors with vision to develop overnight capcity that is in harmony with the coastal landscape and respects its biodiversity. 

Carefully laid out zoning plans in the well-established summerhouse area of Kramnitze is the basis for Lidsø Coast. 

It is a stone’s throw from protected natural wetlands, which is integrated in the landscape strategy for the projected building area. 

The current plan makes room for 42 new recreational dwellings with coastal or lake views, making it attractive to even the most critical summerhome buyer. 


* Conceptualizations are courtesy of

Enormous investment potential in a unique tourism hotspot rich in nature and culture-historic legacy. We aim to attract investors with vision and creativity wihtin hospitality and tourism.


  • Area size: 95.000 m2
  • Max. no. of plots: 42
  • Plot ratio: 15 %
  • Max. building height: 8.5 m
  • Development ready: Yes
  • Building permit: 10-12 weeks*
  • Address: Klokkeholmsvej, Rødby
  • Municipality: Lolland

* In relation to current local planning. Alternative: 6-12 mos.


  • Lolland-Falster Airport 18 km
  • Business Park Lolland 22 km
  • Business Park Maribo 24 km
  • Rødbyhavn 11 km
  • Nakskov 21 km
  • Maribo 24 km
  • Femern tunnel 11 km

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