Business Park Falster is located at Exit 43 in Nørre Alslev on Falster and is visible from the E47/E55 motorway.

Business Park Falster (EXIT 43)

Business Park Falster is located at the junction between continental Europe and Scandinavia

In a Northern European perspective, Business Park Falster lies at the centre between Hamburg, Berlin, Copenhagen, Malmö, Stockholm and Oslo. Business Park Falster has a strategic location at the junction of the East and West European traffic corridors of E47 (Hamburg) and E55 (Berlin) – Copenhagen and Scandinavia.

Business Park Falster, located at Exit 43 Nørre Alslev on Falster, is visible from the E47/E55 motorway – and is located at the Transport Center CARGO SOUTH, a short distance from the railway and commercial port. It is an extension of the existing industrial area by 625,000 m2 – making the total area of Business Park Falster to 1.2 million m2.


Mads Stærk

Mads Stærk

Head of Business Development
+45 23 24 45 21



  • Fair pricing
  • Plot price from 13 EUR (m2 excl. VAT)
  • Utility connection charges 5,231 EUR (excl. VAT/800 m2)
  • Land Tax 3.234 (percent)
  • Building Tax 0.00 EUR
  • Land available for development 460.000 m2
  • Min. size plot 5.000 m2


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