In 2015, the offshore wind turbines in Rødsand 2, delivered 860 GWh. This corresponds to more than 200,000 households' annual electricity consumption


Lolland-Falster produces 5-8 times more green energy than the total local consumption.

With large construction and industrial sectors, there is a natural interest in cleantech and green solutions. The world’s first offshore wind farm was built in the area, and in 2017 Lolland was the place in Denmark where most wind turbines were installed. In fact, Lolland-Falster produces 5-8 times more green energy than the local consumption.

Solar and wind farms continue to be on the rise, and the area is also home to a number of test projects including storage of green energy in hot stones, as well as conversion of wind to heat and floating power plants.

At the same time, Lolland-Falster houses a number of strong international cleantech companies focused on wind turbine production, plastic production as well as filter and membrane technologies.

If you or your organization are looking for opportunities within Cleantech, Sustainability or Green Energy, please contact Mads Stærk.

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  • The world’s biggest fleet of hybrid ferries operates in Lolland Falster
  • The world’s first offshore wind farm is located in Lolland
  • Lolland-Falster produces 5-8 times more green energy than the local consumption
  • 10% of industrial employees in Denmark are in green jobs
  • The Danish government and Danish parliament have agreed that by 2030, renewable energy must fully cover Denmark’s electricity consumption
  • 55% of Denmark’s total energy consumption must be produced by renewable energy
  • Denmark will fulfill its obligations towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals

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