Lolland-Falster is Scandinavia’s gateway to Europe

Transport & Logistics

That Lolland-Falster will become a strategic transport and logistic hub when the Fehmarn tunnel opens is a fact that is hard to ignore.

The Fehmarn Belt tunnel will make Lolland-Falster a strategic gateway between northern Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.

The area connects the three European commercial and business hubs of Copenhagen, Hamburg and Berlin, which presents unique growth conditions for the region’s companies within the transport and logistics sectors.

You will find fully developed transport centers and business parts, essentially located along the E55/E47 motorway and close to ports and harbours.

If you are interested in building a business or taking advantage of the opportunities within Transport and Logistics, please contact Mads Stærk.

We have helped companies establish their businesses and make the necessary connections to get your business moving.

Mads Stærk

Mads Stærk

Head of Business Development
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  • 60 billion DKK / 8 billion Euro investment in infrastructure
  • Large amount of local transport and logistics companies
  • Sax Trans, Team JK Transport, and various large bus companies have domicile in Lolland-Falster
  • Distance from Lolland-Falster (Nørre Alslev) to Copenhagen is 117 km
  • Distance from Lolland Falster (via Rødbyhavn) to Hamburg is 190 km
  • Distance from Lolland Falster (via Gedser) to Berlin is 286 km

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